Pieces About Christ

Jesus, who is also known as “The Messiah”, “Jesus of Nazareth”, “Jesus the Son of Joseph”, “Son of God”, and “Christ our Lord”—but in the end, Jesus was born with the Hebrew name “Joshua” which was originally “Hoshea” but got changed a couple of times by different people. Moses wrote his name as “Jehoshua”, the King James Version of the Bible wrote “Oshea” and after the exile of the kingdom of Israel, Jesus name formed into “Jeshua”.

Jesus Christ is the spiritual son of God and the real son of Mary and Joseph. It’s said that Mary and Joseph were aware that they’d be parents of The Messiah after being approached by God’s angels. There’s not much said about the early years of Jesus’s life until he was about eighteen-years-old. Which then, it was recorded that he returned to Nazareth and began to educate himself on wisdom and stature, later entering the public ministry at approximately thirty-years-old. Jesus was in the ministry for about three years in which his journey as The Messiah truly begun:

In year one, this is when Jesus was slowly emerging into the public; delivering his wisdom, preaching to those who listened, helping others, etc., in the town of Judea. Despite the “slow” awareness, Jesus kept going.

In year two, this is when Jesus was building awareness and the public was beginning to favor him. Jesus was consistent with his positive actions and teachings, and built a reputation that was widely known throughout the land. This is when Jesus had more followers than he did enemies.

In year three, this is when his enemies started to grow more than his followers. At this point, Jesus was infamous throughout the lands for his teachings and miracle acts. However, his enemies did not like what Jesus stood for and began to multiply; taunting and besetting him until he fell victim to their animosity. Which later, lead to the crucifixion of Jesus—and the resurrection of him as well.

The overall journey of Jesus looks like: he was sent from God to be born and raised by a virgin mother and father in order to become The Messiah for his generation. He grew up teaching himself the Word of God which he then later used to teach others, he gained public attention and support.  Then he gained public enemies and nonsupport, experienced crucial treatments and then was nailed and hung on the cross to be crucified, but then resurrected three days after his death.