About Desciplez
Ok to start I know you are wondering why desciplez is spelled with an 'E' and not an 'I' ! It’s an interesting story. So after listening to God and sitting down to start this site, I just couldn’t come up with a name that wasn’t already taken. For two days I tried site after site – getup.com, taken; linkup.com, taken; connectin.com, CIN? too close to SIN, no way; connectup.com, taken; JC.com, taken; and the list goes on and on. It finally dawned on me that this was not my site, it was God’s site and that He was going to be the one to decide the name. So, I did what my grandma taught me to do when I need help, I got on my knees and prayed and just stopped thinking about it.

A day later I started trying again and then the Holy Spirit told me to go over to my bible and continue reading from where I left off. I try to read my bible every day! So I started reading and the Holy Spirit stopped me and told me to start turning the pages. You see there is a time for everything and it wasn’t time for me to read. It stopped me and told me to read, to this day I cant remember where! But there it was, disciple. Yes dEsciple. You may not believe me but that’s how it was spelled. I started typing it into the domain check and He said add a Z and I did. To my surprise it was available. Days later when I continued my reading I read Mark 5 v 19! I often wonder why He didn’t point me to Decapolis! It’s just as cool I think no? Maybe not.

I, and I think the Father too, wants Desciplez.com to be a space where you can talk about what the Lord has done for you! Tell your friends how great He is. And no, it’s not a site just for Christians, it’s a site for people who love Christ.Then again as my friend says, what a great world it would be if Christians actually did like Christ!

Thank you for joining Desciplez, now go on and socialize with a purpose!