Why Join

There are four main reasons why you should join Desciplez.com

1. You love God and want to talk about Him every minute of every day.  This space will be a space for you to engage with others - Christians of all stripes, and non -Christians - and talk about God all you want!  Not a group - a whole site dedicated to GOD!

2. You want to socialize with a purpose.  This space will be the space for you to share what God has done for you but to also share the challenges you have living a Christian life.  It's not easy to love God when your family or friends etc have been killed for example.

3. You are sick and tired of the mean-ness on social media and want a positive space. Welcome!  If you don't have anything nice to say we prefer you not join Desciplez!

4. You want to find out about the awesome Christ friendly events that are happening in your community because the club life just isn't doing it for you anymore!  This is a space where you can find out about events so please share your events freely. 

Please join us and engage in a meaningful manner.  What did Christ do for you today?  How were you tested? How did you fall?  How did you get back up?  Come, tell us so that someone can see that they are not alone!